1) How do I register on your website?
Click on “register” and enter the required information, including your email address and tax number.

2) I haven’t received the confirmation email for registration. What should I do?
Try to log in. Contact us if you’re not able to.

3) Is registration on your website free of charge?
Yes, but you have to have a tax number.

4) How will my information be processed?
In accordance with the provisions for adapting national norms to those of EU Regulation 2016/679, issued by the European Parliament and Council on 27 April 2016, which concerns the protection of physical persons with respect to the processing of personal data and their free circulation. This Regulation replaces Directive 95/46/CE (general regulation on data protection).

1) Is there a minimum purchase to avoid surcharges?
Minimum quantity to avoid surcharges are 300 meters per color. Purchases of less than 300 meters will incur one of three surcharges, based on the quantity ordered.

2) Wich are the surcharges for purchases less than the minimum?
From 0 to approx. 50 meters (1 roll) → 30% surcharge
From 100 to approx. 150 meters (2 or 3 rolls) → 20% surcharge
From 200 to approx. 250 meters (4 or 5 rolls) → 10% surcharge

3) Do I have to register before placing an order?
Yes. Or you can contact us.

4) Can private persons/companies place orders?
We only accept orders from companies and users with a tax number.

5) Why are the prices of the articles not shown?
To see prices and additional information about the products, you must register first.

6) Do the prices shown in the fabric chart include VAT?
They do not include VAT.

7) Can I change an order once I have placed it?
Yes, though you must contact us promptly to do so.

8) I haven’t received the confirmation email for my order. What should I do?
Contact us promptly so we can send it again.
1) What are the payment options?
We accept: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer and bank receipt.
1) Who is responsible for shipping charges?
Shipping charges shall be paid by the customer.
2) How long does delivery take?
In general, approx. 60 days from placement of the order, although we are often able to provide quicker delivery depending on the products ordered and customer needs.
1) Can I return defective fabrics?
Yes, but please contact us first. We will only accept returns of goods that have NOT been cut.
Contact us for additional information, questions or requests:
santalucia.maniflane@gmail.com / 0574-1824920