Our company

Santa Lucia Manifattura Lane was born in 2016 from the thirty-year experience in the woven fabric sector of Stefano Mazzoni and Massimo Guarnieri, partners and founders, professionals in the design, creation and finishing of fabric.

We produce carded fabrics in wool, cashmere and mohair by means of careful selection and processing of virgin and recycled fibers. From the first stages of the manufacturing process, we put great passion into our work to guarantee quality products with a unique design. Every day we put our values of ethics, sustainability and social equality into practice.

Our fabrics are the result of experience, skill, knowledge of traditional techniques and a production chain that we follow and control at every stage: from the shredding of garments into fiber wads to the production of the yarn, from the manufacture of our fabric to the quality control of the finished product.

Our fabrics are functional, warm, soft and resistant, and we guarantee their consistent and replicable quality. We create new designs, constantly studying new fashion trends. We pay attention to the needs of our customers, focusing on their wishes, requirements and creative impulses.

We sincerely believe that human values make the difference.

Our values

Reprocessing. Our production process starts from the research, selection and transformation of the most sophisticated raw materials. We follow and control every phase of the production process to guarantee the same quality and give the fabric exclusive and repeatable characteristics over time.

Sustainability. We select old garments to turn it into yarn and reconstruct the fabric through a totally certified and environmentally friendly supply chain. Our work aims at environmental and social equity, respect for animals and all the people who contribute to the creation of the products. We also integrate virgin fibers when necessary but we tend to increase the use of regenerated fibers every year. The weight we give to the fairness and livability of our planet constantly guides us in the creation of our fabrics.

Design. We imagine, design and create fabrics enhancing each material. Through our experience and imagination we modulate the design and properties of our fabrics on our customers' final applications. We study compositions, designs, color mixing and new trends. We design and create every variant, every new design and color with passion and attention to create iconic fabrics with an exclusive design.