The process by which a recycled fabric is created is circular, continuous and never ending. Our work does not only consist in imagining, structuring and creating a product but also involves careful control of each step of the process, from the shredded sweater to the inspection of the finished textile. Passion guides us in the determination of every detail as we strive to obtain a product that meets each customer’s needs. We aim to produce a warm, soft fabric with its unmistakable scent, a distinctive element in this traditional manufacturing sector.
Reprocessing, sustainability and design are the principles that drive us.


Santa Lucia Textile
Santa Lucia Textile

Our work involves careful selection of raw materials and the creation of fabrics by means of management and control of each stage of a circular production process.

Through a series of precisely defined operations, a sweater is reprocessed into yarn, which is then used to create a new fabric, which in turn begins the process all over again: a never-ending circuit.

Our Fabrics


Santa Lucia Textile

The passion behind our work enables us to manufacture carded and recycled fabrics, as we follow in the footsteps of an old local tradition in which recycled materials have shaped the industrial culture. Our work respects artisanal traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, techniques that have been taught in the oldest textile manufactures. The particular attention paid to each product begins with the selection of the finest raw materials, in order to then realize the highest quality carded and recycled fabrics.

What are the values that bring us together and guide us in our daily work?

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The production chain involves careful selection of raw materials, design of the fabrics, spinning, weaving and many other operations. The process begins with the selection of a woolen sweater, which is first transformed into fiber wads and then into thread. From here we create a new fabric, whose every detail we attend to. What stages are involved in the creation of our products?

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