• Prestige Line

    Prestige Line

    Represented by the tobacco color, it is the most noble line composed of fine fabrics of pure wool, pure cashmere, cashmere blend. Discover it by touching it with your hand.

  • Jaquard Line

    Jaquard Line

    Identified by the ocher color but which has a world of colors and fantasies inside. It is possible to find items produced on jacquard looms with small and large designs, spotted, floral, zebra, geometric figures and much more. An explosion of patterns and colors selectable from the respective color charts to make creativity a personal and distinctive element.

  • Weaves Line

    Weaves Line

    The red line that makes the interweaving between weft and warp an artistic element thanks to the play of lines that emerge from the fabric. Items with bold colors and effects of diagonal weaves, herrings, cannettè and much more. In addition to the vast availability of colors and effects, they are developed on both single and double fabrics.

  • Fancy Line

    Fancy Line

    Represented by the purple color, it is a line composed of all the patterns conceived and produced in various compositions such as cotton / wool, cotton / poly, wool / nylon or wool / mohair, stretch and bouclé. These are articles that have designs of various types that are interchangeable and can be made in different compositions.

  • Classic Line

    Classic Line

    The identification color of this line is light blue. It is the classic and traditional line made up of timeless and must-have items that are perfect for creating evergreen items that are always trendy and timeless. A traditional winter collection with items composed mainly of wool. Fabrics in various finishes and weights such as drap, velor, cloths, with kd, both polished and single, double sided, double openable and not.

  • Trendy Line

    Trendy Line

    It is represented by green and is made up of fabrics with particular finishes, with elasticized yarns, lurex or printed yarns. A creative line that wants to offer quality items while keeping up with new trends.